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PopularMMOs Presents Into the Overworld

ISBN: 9780063236868

Illustrator: Dani Jones

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Graphic Novel




Pat and Jen do everything together, including saving the day!

But when Jen and Evil Jen find out they have one chance to find their long-lost mother in the Overworld, Jen is going to take it - even if it means that Pat can't join her on an adventure for the first time ever.

With Mr. Rainbow's help, travelling to the Overworld should be the easiest part. But when something goes wrong, Jen and Evil Jen wind up trapped in the nether. Right about now would be the perfect time for Pat to help save the day, wouldn't it? But turns out, Pat himself has been imprisoned by an old villain set on the revenge. Pat's desperate to escape because he knows something that Jen doesn't: she's walking straight into a trap!

There's an evil plot to start a zombie war brewing, and the person behind it may be the only one who could outsmart Jen and Evil Jen. Can Pat find a way to reach them in time and warn them before it's too late?


Popular Media Brands, Video Games & Gaming, Overcoming Obstacles, Friendship, Teamwork

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Coming Soon!